Bajaj Auto to Launch India’s First CNG-Powered Motorcycle: Check What’s revealed | Auto News

In a groundbreaking move towards sustainability and affordability in transportation, Bajaj Auto is set to unveil India’s first Compressed Natural Gas (CNG)-powered motorcycle. It is anticipated to hit the market soon. With an increasing preference for CNG vehicles observed among consumers in India, the introduction of CNG-powered motorcycles marks a significant milestone in the automotive industry. Recognizing this trend, Bajaj Auto has heeded the call for eco-friendly transportation solutions.

In an exclusive interview with CNBC TV 18, Rajiv Bajaj, Managing Director of Bajaj Auto, revealed that the company’s motivation behind developing CNG-powered bikes is twofold: to combat the escalating petrol prices and mitigate pollution levels. By leveraging CNG technology, riders can expect to slash their fuel expenses by up to 50-65%, offering substantial savings over time. Moreover, the adoption of CNG motorcycles promises a significant reduction in air pollutants, with carbon dioxide emissions reduced by 50%, carbon monoxide emissions by 75%, and hydrocarbon emissions by 90%.

Economic and Environmental Impact:

Drawing parallels with the transformative impact of Hero Honda in the past, Bajaj envisions its CNG bike as a game-changer in the market. The innovation promises cost savings and a tangible contribution to environmental conservation. By offering an economical and eco-friendly alternative, Bajaj aims to cater to the diverse needs of consumers globally.

Technical Specifications :

While specific details regarding the appearance and engine capacity of the CNG-powered motorcycle remain undisclosed, Bajaj assures consumers that cutting-edge CNG technology will be seamlessly integrated into the design, prioritizing safety and efficiency. Targeting a range of 100 cc to 160 cc, these motorcycles aim to cater to a broad demographic, ensuring accessibility for a wide audience. Additionally, Bajaj hints at the possibility of introducing multiple CNG models in the future, further diversifying its product lineup.

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