Interim Budget 204: Healthcare Sector Demands Expansion Of Ayushman Bharat To Middle Class Family | Economy News

New Delhi: The healthcare sector has put forth its demands before the finance ministry that includes accessibility of healthcare services in rural india, establishing a separate healthcare infrastructure fund, strengthening the healthcare value chain.

Jasdeep Singh, Group CEO, CARE Hospitals Group said that the industry is hoping the government will consider the healthcare industry as a focus in this year’s union budget.

“The government must prioritize enhancing infrastructure, especially in non-metro areas, ensuring that individuals can readily access healthcare when required. This initiative will not only benefit local communities but also contribute to the overall improvement of healthcare services on a global scale,” Singh said.

Ankur Gigras, CEO and Co-founder, HexaHealth said that there should be emphasis on innovative medical technologies like artificial intelligence, which may improve the quality of life for patients during operations, speed up insurance claims for required procedures, and raise the efficacy of healthcare delivery overall.

Shrey Srivastav, GP, Sharda Hospital demanded the expansion of Ayushman Bharat or similar scheme to middle class family and increase in tax deductions on preventive healthcare checkups from Rs 5,000 to Rs 15,000 per family. 

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