CCI denies interim relief to local companies in Google case

MUMBAI: The Competition Commission of India (CCI) on Wednesday dismissed the interim relief applications filed by a clutch of local app developers to seek a restriction on tech giant Google from imposing a fee or commission on developers as part of its updated payments policy.
“While it is essential to ensure a level playing field and protect competition within the app store market, any measures taken should be proportionate and carefully crafted to minimise unintended consequences and preserve the overall integrity and functionality of the platform ecosystem. Based on the foregoing, the Commission is of the view that the informants have not been able to demonstrate a case in their favour for grant of interim relief for complete restraint on Google from collection of its fee,” the CCI said.
The plea for interim relief had been filed by People Interactive India which runs, Mebigo Labs which owns Kuku FM, Indian Broadcasting and Digital Foundation (IBDF) and Indian Digital Media Industry Foundation (IDMIF). They sought the regulator’s intervention to restrain Google from imposition of any fee or commission for transactions involving paid downloads or in-app purchases on apps offering digital products and services.

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