Infosys work from office mandate: Now, IT giant rolls out ‘In-Person Collab Weeks’ – here’s what the new initiative is about

Infosys work from office mandate: IT services giant Infosys is implementing ‘In-Person Collab Weeks’ for employees involved in engineering- Internet of Things (ENG-IoT) projects. These designated weeks require employees to be present at their respective campuses, as per an internal email reviewed by ET.
The company will designate specific weeks in each quarter for in-person collaboration, emphasizing the importance of working from office for at least 10 days a month.As per its hybrid work policy introduced in November last year, Infosys employees must work at least 10 days per month or 30 days per quarter.
Infosys aims to enhance teamwork and productivity through this hybrid work approach. Employees away from base locations have been urged to plan their return to the development centers during these weeks.
The exact number of employees participating in the Collab Weeks is yet to be determined. The company is set to introduce a minimum of six weeks per quarter for this initiative, starting this quarter.
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Infosys is encouraging employees to work from the office during these designated weeks, offering flexibility in choosing work days. Despite mixed responses to the 10-day work-from-office rule, Infosys is looking to increase campus attendance.
The company plans systematic enhancements to boost office turnout. This move is aimed at fostering collaboration and innovation among employees to drive business growth. Infosys reshaped its organizational structure for delivery and consulting functions to incorporate generative artificial intelligence (Gen AI) under the leadership of Vikas Gupta.
The company is actively working on over 90 Gen AI programs to enhance its offerings and partnerships. Infosys has trained a significant number of employees in Gen AI areas to stay ahead in the evolving tech landscape. In a recent partnership with a German media group, Infosys will leverage AI and digital innovation to expand its service portfolio.
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The IT giant is focusing on merging physical and digital realms to provide comprehensive services in consulting, system integration, and technology support. The introduction of In-Person Collab Weeks in ENG-IoT projects aims to strengthen teamwork and collaboration within Infosys.
The company has consolidated various sectors like project lifecycle management, industrial IoT, knowledge-based engineering, and smart places in its new structure. These developments come amidst a slowdown in the IT industry, including Infosys, due to global economic challenges impacting customer spending.

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