Oil companies cut price of 19 kg commercial and 5 kg FTL cylinders

Oil marketing firms have implemented price reductions for 19 kg commercial cylinders and 5 kg FTL (Free Trade LPG) cylinders, an ANI report said on Monday.
A decrease of Rs 30.50 has been noted for the 19-kg commercial cylinder, setting its new price at 1764.50 in Delhi from April 1, according to sources.
Furthermore, the cost for a 5 kg FTL cylinder has been reduced by Rs 7.50.
On the first day of March, an announcement was made by oil marketing companies about an increase in the price of commercial liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) cylinders. This adjustment occurred amidst varying fuel prices and market conditions.
As of February 1, the cost of Indane gas cylinders showed variation across major cities such as Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai, and Chennai, each marked by unique pricing, the ANI report said.
Entering March, there was a significant escalation in the prices of Indane LPG gas cylinders, affecting all metropolitan areas uniformly.
The specific factors leading to the reduction in prices have not been shared, yet it is probable that a combination of influences, including global oil price movements, alterations in tax structures, and the balance of supply and demand, play a role in these price changes.
These successive price adjustments highlight the fluctuating nature of the energy sector and its impact on both individual households and businesses that depend on commercial LPG cylinders.

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