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New Delhi: State Bank of India, the country’s largest public sector lender in India, provides a variety of online and mobile services for the convenience of its customers. SBI WhatsApp Banking is one of the several hassle-free options that the bank has introduced to take care of all of your banking inquiries. In order to use the SBI services, you only need to use your mobile device to quickly scan the QR code.


Currently SBI offers 9 banking services via Whatsapp. Here is the list of services you can avail via SBI WhatsApp Banking platform

1. Account Balance

2. Mini statement

3. Pension slip service

4. Information on Loan products (Home loan, Car loan, Gold loan, Personal loan, Educational loan) – FAQ and Interest rates

5. Information on Deposit products (Savings Account, Recurring deposit, Term deposit – Features and Interest rates

6. NRI services (NRE Account, NRO Account) – Features and Interest rates

7. Opening of Insta Accounts (Features /Eligibility, Requirements & FAQ)

8. Contacts/Grievance redressal helplines

9. Pre approved loan queries (Personal loan, Car loan, Two wheeler loan)

Check out these steps for registering for SBI Whatsapp Banking service

– Visit SBI website, where the steps for registering on Watsapp Banking have been detailed.

– Simply scan the QR using your mobile and avail the services offered by SBI

– You will be prompted to send “Hi” from your WhatsApp Number to +919022690226 and follow the instructions given by the Chat-Bot

– Alternatively you can send an SMS in the following format “WAREG< >ACCOUNT NUMBER” TO +91720893314 from your registered mobile number with SBI and follow the below steps:

– If registration is successful then you will get a confirmation message on your Whatsapp linked to your registered mobile number

– Send a “Hi” from your WhatsApp Number to +919022690226 and follow the instructions given by the Chat-Bot

However, you must note the the SMS format and destination mobile number. Furthermore, do ensure that your bank account number is updated along with the cellphone number from which the SMS is sent. If you haven’t updated your mobile number, you will have to visit your SBI branch.

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