Shemaroo Umang’s show Chaahenge Tumhe Itnaa

"I call AbhayBhargav 'Baba' in real life too," says Swati Sharma from ShemarooUmang’s show 'ChaahengeTumheItnaa'

A father plays a crucial role in a child’s life, especially for a daughter, who often sees her father as a superhero. On the occasion of Father’s Day, Swati Sharma, who portrays Aashi in ShemarooUmang’s show ‘ChaahengeTumheItnaa,’ spoke about the similarities between her real-life father and her on-screen father. She expressed her deep admiration for both, highlighting how their support and guidance have shaped her into the person she is today. Swati’s heartfelt words beautifully captured the essence of a father-daughter bond, both in her personal life and her television role.


Swati Sharma speaks fondly about her father, saying, “Since school, I’ve noticed that whenever I faced challenges, my father always motivated me by saying, ‘Don’t worry, it’s okay. You can do better in the future.’ My father has always been supportive.  I had a government job earlier, which I left for the show ‘ChaahengeTumheItnaa.’ I was very scared of his reaction, but when I told him about it, his response was not what I expected. He was very happy with my work and proud of the love people were showing to Aashi. Neighbors and college friends praised my work, which made him even prouder. His trust and support give me the strength to pursue my dreams. The best part about my father is that he always prioritizes our family.”

She further added, “In the show, AbhayBhargav plays the character of my father-in-law, whom Aashi calls Baba. His character always reminds me of my own father. The qualities depicted in Baba are very similar to those of my real-life father. Who treats his daughter-in-law as his own daughter. He believes in Aashi immensely and supports her unconditionally. If she makes even a small mistake, he will cover for her and love her deeply. The bond shown in the show between Baba and my character mirrors the relationship I have with my own dad. I call AbhayBhargav ‘Baba’ in real life too.”

In the upcoming track of ‘ChaahengeTumheItnaa’, fate brings Aashi and Siddharth together, and finally, they get married. However, the tension between them continues to simmer as they navigate their new life together. Meanwhile, Kunal’s departure and Amrita and Geet’s frustrations add to the household’s strain. As they adjust to their new living situation, Aashi and Sid are inadvertently drawn closer, setting the stage for a potential reconciliation and a more profound understanding of each other’s pasts and motives.

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