"Apple's Vision Pro: Making Groundbreaking Technology Affordable with a New Variant"

Apple recognizes the need to make its cutting-edge Vision Pro technology more accessible to a wider audience, and to that end, the company is actively working on a more affordable version of the device. Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman reports that Apple is exploring various avenues to reduce the cost without compromising on the quality and features that make the Vision Pro stand out.
One of the key areas where cost reduction is being considered is the screen quality. While the current Vision Pro boasts twin 4K microLED virtual reality displays, Apple may opt for lower quality screens in the cheaper variant. This could involve utilizing iPhone-grade or older Mac chips, which would not only bring down the production cost but also allow Apple to leverage existing components.
The camera and sensor array in the Vision Pro are integral to its advanced capabilities. However, Apple may choose to reduce the number of cameras or omit certain features, such as the 3D camera, to lower costs. This strategic move would not only simplify the device but also streamline the manufacturing process, ultimately reducing the overall price.
To further economize, Apple might simplify the headband design. This could involve removing the built-in speakers present in the current model, thereby encouraging users to rely on their AirPods for spatial audio. By eliminating the need for built-in speakers, Apple can not only save on manufacturing and assembly costs but also offer a more lightweight and streamlined product.
Another potential adjustment is shifting from automatic to manual IPD adjustment. Currently, the Vision Pro automatically adjusts the inter-pupillary distance to ensure optimal viewing for each user. However, the cheaper variant may allow users to physically adjust the distance between their eye pupils. While this change may introduce a slightly less automated experience, it would simplify the device’s mechanics and contribute to a reduction in costs.
Apple is also expected to leverage economies of scale to drive down the cost of the Vision Pro. As demand for the product increases and Apple gains more experience in manufacturing it, the company can optimize the production process and negotiate better deals with suppliers. These factors, combined with the potential use of a cheaper frame material or design, will likely contribute to the overall cost reduction of the device.
By carefully considering these hardware adjustments, streamlining production processes, and achieving economies of scale, Apple is determined to make the Vision Pro more affordable and reach a wider audience. The two-product strategy, mirroring the approach taken with the iPhone and iPhone Pro models, will provide customers with options that cater to different budgets while still delivering the groundbreaking technology and user experience for which Apple is known.