Business Event

List Your Business with MB Listing and Participate in our Business Event MB Listing Business Event Targets are Listing , Branding ,Networking and Marketing for our members.

Members / Participators Benefits

1) Business Convention ​

Here we will provide you stage for your product or service presentation. How  you can help to our other members with discount or other Its video also will share

2) Business Coach Session

Here we will invite one business coach public speaker , he/she will take session about business leadership . you can ask you questions as well

3) Bollywood Celebrity Chief Guest

Here we will provide you a participation certificate from the Bollywood celebrity . Along this we will provide copyright photo and copyright video as well . You can use this also for your marketing purpose

4) PR (Press Release)

We will do PR on hard copy newspaper and in famous news portal. It will give you google ranking based publicity and marketing.

5) Ceremony Includes

Welcome drinks, snakes and dinners with other member , you can exchange business card . it will help for your networking.  

6) Branding

MB listing will do branding of your business till the one year , through our social media post,  social media reels , corporate videos  and posting of your business news on few PR portals.

7) Media Byte

Media people will take your interview and ask question about your business.