How to present a technical paper

Presenting a technical paper at a fest (festival) can be an exciting opportunity to share your research and insights with an audience interested in your field. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you prepare for a successful technical paper presentation:

Understand the Fest’s Audience: Familiarize yourself with the fest’s theme and the background of the audience attending. This will help you tailor your presentation to their level of knowledge and interests. You can refer to presentation topics to get an idea about what topics to be chosen before submitting your article. 

Structure your Presentation: A well-organized presentation will keep your audience engaged. Consider the following structure:

  1. Introduction: Begin by introducing yourself and providing a brief overview of your research topic and its significance. Clearly state your objectives and research questions.
  2. Literature Review: Discuss the existing work and research relevant to your topic. Highlight the gaps or limitations in the previous studies that your research aims to address.
  3. Methodology: Describe the methods, techniques, or tools you used to conduct your research. Explain why you chose these approaches and provide any necessary background information.
  4. Results: Present your findings and outcomes in a clear and concise manner. Use tables, graphs, or visual aids to support your data. Interpret your results and explain their implications.
  5. Discussion: Analyze and interpret your results, comparing them to previous studies or theoretical frameworks. Discuss any limitations or challenges you encountered during your research.
  6. Conclusion: Summarize the key points of your presentation, emphasizing the contributions and significance of your research. Highlight any future directions or recommendations.


Visual Aids: Prepare visually appealing slides to support your presentation. Use clear and concise bullet points, relevant images, diagrams, or graphs. Avoid overcrowding slides with too much information.

Choosing a Topic: Select a topic of your interest. Thoroughly prepare about your topic. Your knowledge must not be restricted only to your topic level but to all the vertices of the topic. 

Choose advanced topics on AI from Artificial Intelligence Topics for Presentation or choose computer science engineering titles from computer science topics.

Practice: Rehearse your presentation multiple times to improve your delivery and timing. Practice in front of a mirror or ask a friend to provide feedback. Time yourself to ensure you stay within the allocated presentation slot.

Engage the Audience: During your presentation, make an effort to engage the audience. Maintain eye contact, use confident body language, and speak clearly. Encourage questions and discussions, and be prepared to answer them thoughtfully.

Anticipate Questions: Before the presentation, anticipate potential questions that may arise based on your topic. Prepare concise and accurate answers to address them effectively.

Prepare Handouts: Consider creating handouts summarizing the main points of your paper. This will help the audience follow along and serve as a reference for later.

Be Professional: Dress appropriately for the fest, ensuring you present yourself professionally. Pay attention to the fest’s guidelines regarding dress code or any specific requirements.

Be Open to Feedback: After your presentation, be open to feedback and constructive criticism. Engage with the audience to further discuss your research and exchange ideas.

Network and Connect: Take advantage of the fest to network with other researchers and attendees. Attend other presentations and participate in discussions to learn from your peers and build connections.


Remember, confidence, clarity, and enthusiasm are key to delivering a successful technical paper presentation. Enjoy the experience and share your knowledge with others!