Akasa Air Opens India’s Only Door Trainer, Expands Its Learning Academy | Aviation News

Akasa Air has inaugurated phase two of its training and development centre – Akasa Air Learning Academy (AALA) in Gurugram. The academy is aimed to enhance its capabilities in providing hands-on and experiential training to its employees, including pilots, cabin crew, engineers and airport services and security personnel. The training centre, which was opened in July 2022, now also gets India’s only door trainer for next generation aircraft. The 14,000 sq ft, dedicated Learning Academy, now gets another 20,000 sq ft of additional space with world-class learning capabilities for the modern aviation world.

As per the India’s newest airline, co-founded by Late Rakesh Jhunjhunwala, the expansion builds capabilities for Akasa Air to train over 700 future-ready aviation professionals. The facilities equip the airline to offer regulatory as well as safety, service and operational training which includes areas like service excellence, leadership, communication, departure control system, safety & emergency procedures, first aid, advanced computerised reservation & check-in training. 

The facility has multiple large-sized training rooms equipped with state-of-the-art technology, a library of aviation knowledge resources such as manuals and research case studies, breakouts rooms, booths and relaxation areas. It will also include a mock-up of the Akasa Air’s aircraft cabin for service training.

India’s only door trainer for next generation aircraft

The state-of-the-art door trainer enables the cabin crew to practice normal and emergency situations in a realistic environment. Hands on operation, practical training, on Type I main door and Type III automatic over wing exit is provided, in addition to the simulation of regular flight phase scenarios such as push back, taxi, cruise, descent and landing along with pre-recorded announcements. The door trainer is equipped to simulate multi-scenario emergency situation management.

The trainer makes the training even more effective with real-world environments by matching the operational characteristics of the aircraft equipment and is designed to facilitate cabin crew with the highest possible levels of safety and emergency training.

Vinay Dube, Founder and Chief Executive Officer at Akasa Air, said, “We are confident about our future and continue to invest in it. Nothing we do at Akasa is short term in nature. Accordingly, the significant financial investment that we have made will pay rich dividends for multiple years to come. The expansion of our training academy is a testament to our deep commitment in creating an employee and customer centric organisation. The academy will not just mould our employees to become the champions of Akasa culture and values but also develop a future ready workforce to gain a competitive advantage in the aviation landscape”. 

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