BYD Seal Cons: From Ground Clearance to Cabin Heat, Uncovering Its Limitations | Auto News

Priced aggressively (Rs 41 lakh to Rs 53 lakh, Ex-showroom), the BYD Seal delivers powerful yet smooth performance.  Wrapped in a premium interior and loaded with impressive features, the Seal represents a compelling new entry in the electric vehicle market. While the BYD Seal boasts several strengths, it’s important to consider its limitations as well. Let’s delve into some potential drawbacks.

Limited Ground Clearance: Despite its sleek design, the 145mm ground clearance could pose challenges on larger speed breakers, potentially leading to scraping or bottoming out.

Complex HVAC Controls: The HVAC controls buried within a sub-menu of the touchscreen could be cumbersome to use while driving, impacting the overall user experience and convenience.

Overheating Cabin: The heavily tinted glass roof, while offering good headroom, tends to heat up the cabin significantly during prolonged exposure to sunlight, potentially causing discomfort for passengers.

Lack of Spare Tyre: The absence of a spare tyre and only providing a puncture repair kit might inconvenience drivers in case of tire-related emergencies, leaving them reliant on temporary solutions.

Limited AC Charging Speed: Despite impressive DC fast charging capabilities, the AC charging speed maxing out at a slow 7kW could result in longer charging times, especially when compared to other EVs in its segment.

Firm Ride Quality: While the independent coil-spring suspension offers a mature ride quality, the firmness of the chassis may not suit all drivers’ preferences, potentially leading to discomfort on uneven road surfaces.

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