Cognizant partners with NVIDIA to boost drug discovery with AI

NEW DELHI: Cognizant is advancing the application of generative AI technology with the NVIDIA BioNeMo platform to solve complex challenges of drug discovery in the life sciences industry. This is expected to improve productivity in the development process and increase the speed at which new, life-saving treatments can be brought to market, says a company statement.
Traditional drug discovery methodologies are process intensive and require the analysis of vast repositories of scientific literature and clinical data in order to reveal relevant insights. Moreover, traditional methods are burdened with high costs and long development lifecycles with a high rate of failure. By leveraging gen AI technologies, clinical researchers can rapidly sift through extensive datasets, more accurately predict interactions between drug compounds and create new, viable drug development pathways.
“More than any other technological breakthrough in recent decades, generative AI has the potential to revolutionize the way new drugs are researched, developed and brought to market, making the creation of lifesaving discoveries faster, smarter and more accessible to all,” said Anna Elango, EVP, Cognizant’s Core Technologies & Insights. “By collaborating with NVIDIA, Cognizant can open the path to realizing this vision safely, responsibly and cost-effectively for our life sciences clients.”
“Generative AI will drive the next wave of enterprise productivity gains across industries, enabled by the NVIDIA AI Enterprise software platform,” said Alvin DaCosta, VP, global consulting partner organization, NVIDIA.

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