IndiaJets Launches Subscription-Based Aircraft Ownership Services in India: Check Details | Aviation News

Subscription-based aviation startup IndiaJets has announced the launch of its operations in India with an aircraft membership programme. Based on the timeshare model, the platform is tailor-made for business owners and senior management professionals, offering them the benefits of a private aircraft at their disposal without having to own one, IndiaJets said in a statement.

IndiaJets is a brand owned and operated by Prive Avion Alliances Pvt Ltd. Prive Avion was founded by John Kuruvilla along with T G S Gupta and Rajesh Rajan in October last year.

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According to the platform, subscribers will have to buy the share size appropriate to the annual flight requirement for a fixed amount per month and per hour flown without having to hire personnel, pay hangar rent, or attend to the many other details inherent in the whole aircraft ownership, including variable costs, it said.

The company said it has internally accrued a seed funding of USD 5-lakh and currently operates a 6-seater business jet. The plans are to induct another 32 aircraft, including medium-to-large jets, over the next few years, it added.

In India, there are several challenges in air travel for businessmen in India. The high cost of aircraft ownership and monthly operations and maintenance are strong entry barriers, said John Kuruvilla, Co-founder and CEO of IndiaJets.

“Flying private is the only solution, and business leaders across the world are now doing so through fractional ownership, which offers the flexibility, convenience, privacy, tax- and time-saving benefits of aircraft ownership, without the attendant capital expense or management responsibilities,” he said. Subscribers, according to him, can customise their itinerary, set their own schedules, save and maximize the value of their time, among others.

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