IndiGo announces in-flight entertainment on Delhi-Goa route for the first time; check features, trial details | India Business News

IndiGo in-flight entertainment: IndiGo has announced a trial run of in-flight entertainment for passengers on its Delhi-to-Goa route. The airline plans to offer entertainment through its app on a trial basis for those flying between Delhi and Goa. Starting May 1, this will be the first time IndiGo provides in-flight entertainment to its customers.
Trial details and features
Passengers will be able to access in-flight entertainment content through the IndiGo app on their devices during the three-month trial, news reports suggest.The service will only be available once the aircraft reaches cruising altitude to avoid interference with onboard electronics. Passengers will need to use their own headphones to enjoy the content.
Future plans and expansion
If the trial phase goes well, IndiGo plans to fully implement in-flight entertainment to improve the travel experience for its customers. With over 350 planes and about 2,000 daily flights, IndiGo aims to make flying more enjoyable and engaging for passengers.
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The trial on the Delhi-Goa route is expected to be a first step toward broader implementation across the airline’s network.
Meanwhile, Rajat Bhatia, InterGlobe’s Group Managing Director, has expressed his admiration for the Indian government’s efforts in the aviation industry. InterGlobe is the parent company of IndiGo.
In an interview with ANI, Bhatia stated, “The way this government is working in the aviation sector, I have never seen it before in my thirty years.” He emphasized the remarkable progress made in expanding airport infrastructure, which has greatly improved access to air travel.
Bhatia also pointed out a change in the government’s perspective on air travel. He mentioned that the previous notion of air travel being an elitist activity has vanished. Instead, it is now recognized as a crucial component of the country’s infrastructure, attracting an increasing number of first-time flyers.

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