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New Delhi: As you all know Kajaria Ceramics stands is one of India’s most famous tile brands, featuring Bollywood superstars Akshay Kumar and Ranveer Singh as its ambassadors. I am pretty sure not many are aware of the man behind it and his struggle and promising efforts to establish the brand. 

Meet a most fascinating man who defied convention and pursued his dreams by hook or by crook. He left an engineering degree in the US and embarked on an extraordinary journey that led to the creation of a Rs 20,000 crore empire in India.  

He transformed challenges into opportunities through his sheer determination, innovation, and consistent efforts, carving his path to success and inspiring young guns across the world. His inspiring story is a testament to the power of perseverance and the limitless potential within each of us. 

He is none other than Ashok Kajaria, who is well-known for changing the Indian tile industry. Let’s delve into the inspiring tale of this visionary entrepreneur who turned his aspirations into reality against all odds. 

Ashok Kajaria- King Maker Of Tile Industry

Ashok Kajaria is the founder of Kajaria Ceramics and the biggest manufacturer of ceramic, top quality, well-designed and shiny tiles in India. He has set outstanding standards for the Tile industry across the world, making the tiles environment-friendly.

Ashok Kajaria’s journey from starting small to running a well-established company that sets new bars in fancy and efficient buildings is all about consistent efforts, teamwork, determination, entrepreneurial acumen and new ideas.

Ashok Kajaria’s Journey:

Growing up in a family of business owners, Ashok Kajaria was always destined to fit into their shoes. He was born in India and moved to the US for his graduation. However, he took a crucial step by leaving his mechanical engineering degree and returned to India to join his family’s cast trading business. (Also Read: UPSC Success Story: From Vegetable Cart To Civil Services, Daughter Of A Vendor Shines In UPSC 2023 After Mother Mortgages Gold For Her Education)

Ashok Kajaria- The Opportunist

During a sales trip to the Gulf, founder Ashok Kajaria met cast buyers who offered to escort him to Spain to explore floor tile manufacturing. He was an opportunist and grabbed the opportunity with both hands. Ashok ventured and visited around 50 factories. 

After doing keen research, he forged a partnership with Spain’s leading company, Todagres, and established his plant in India.

Initial Years Of Kajaria Ceramics  

Spanish leading company Todagres supported Ashok with his technical knowledge. In 1988, Kajaria inaugurated its first plant in Sikandrabad (Uttar Pradesh), featuring an annual capacity of 1 million square meters. 

To enhance the brand value, Ashok took to marketing, and the first Kajaria ad came in 1989. This bold move catapulted Kajaria Ceramics to market dominance within just two years. It became the first Indian tile company to list on the NSE in 2008 despite facing challenges such as the market crash. 

Kajaria Ceramics Record Sales:

As of 2019, the company recorded sales of Rs 2956 crore and a profit of Rs 227 crore, sealing its position as a market leader with an 11% market share. With six plants boasting an annual capacity of 86.47 million square meters. (Also Read: Business Success Story: Introducing THIS Entrepreneur—A Once 19-Year-Old Millionaire Who Founded Navrattan, Now A Billion-Dollar Company)

Tile manufacturing giant Kajaria Ceramics continues to be a trailblazer in the global tile industry, currently ranking as the 8th largest tile manufacturer in the world.

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