Mother’s Day 2023: “Thank You For Coaching, Ma:” Anand Mahindra Shares Throwback Picture | Companies News

New Delhi: Mother’s Day is a unique holiday that is observed all around the world to commemorate and value moms. Mother’s Day falls on Sunday, May 14 this year. Adorable posts illustrating the special link between a child and mother can be seen everywhere on social media. Anand Mahindra, an industrialist, also shared a throwback photo with his late mother Indira Mahindra on Twitter to commemorate the day. 

The caption states that the monochrome image was taken at a shareholders’ meeting presided over by the industrialist’s father, Harish Mahindra. 

“Every year on #MothersDay I go fishing for old pics of my mother…Here’s one blast from the past, when she took me for the first time to the Annual Shareholders’ Meeting of Mahindra Ugine Steel which my father was chairing. Thank you for the coaching, Ma. Happy #MothersDay wherever you are…,” Anand Mahindra tweeted.

Many people who saw the lovely image online thought of their own mums. Happy Mother’s Day, one user wrote. “She made you strong and successful. She gave you the habit of working hard and being the best at whatever you do.” Your mother is so graceful, and I salute her.

Another person said, “A very elegant lady. I appreciate you sharing this, Sir.”

A fourth said, “Whatever your age may be, she is a must.” A third said, “You look like a very curious kid and your mother is so pretty.” Regardless of your flaws, she is the only one who genuinely loves and cares about you. We are aware that they are and will always be nearby. Cheers to Mother’s Day!

“This is a life-learning lesson given by mother to child, Not even big institutions will be able to give such thing,” a fifth person commented. These will stick with you for the rest of your life. Mother’s Day greetings!

He tweeted a picture of Indira Mahindra while she was expecting him a few years ago.

The ideal image to convey my appreciation to my late mother. I was busily developing while I was knitting in her womb. I’m delighted mom seemed content while she was expecting, and I hope having to raise me didn’t make her lose her grin. Wherever you are, Happy Mother’s Day,” he wrote.

Notable educator Indira Mahindra was a history instructor at Lucknow’s Isabella Thoburn (IT) College.

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