‘Polar Express In Real Life’: Viral Video From Antarctica Leaves Netizens Confused | Railways News

Viral showcasing a “typical workday in Antarctica” has gone viral on the internet. Based on the assumptions of Instagram users, a person attempted to enter a train while it was running at a high speed through the snowfall. Meanwhile, in the video, a person can be seen trying to close the door of the train while it cruises at high speed. The video, unusual for social media users living in the hotter parts of the world, has fascinated them.

The video clip was shared on Instagram by a user going by the name Tomasz Kurczada. As per the description in his Instagram profile, the person is head of the 47th Polish Antarctic Expedition. Based on the video, the person seems to be on one of his expeditions, making his way through the snow-covered polar region. The caption on the post said, “Typical workday in Antarctica. 47th Polish Antarctic Expedition. King George Island.”

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In the video, a person is seen holding onto the door tightly but is eventually moved by the strong wind. Due to the strong wind, it is also possible to see the items inside the room moving. When the other person tries to reach out, another person who is recording the video can be seen extending their arms in an attempt to help the struggling person.

Since Mr. Kurczaba shared the video a few weeks ago, it has received more than 24 million views. The video simply left internet users perplexed, and many even believed that it was captured on a train. 

One of the confused social media users wrote in comments, “Wait…. So this isn’t a moving train?” In response, many users suggested that it was a train, while others said it wasn’t. Another social media user went ahead to appreciate the door, “Just curious why doors are not made to open to the inside? Additionally, considering snow, which might block to open it too and block all the people inside?”

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