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New Delhi: Meet Mira Kulkarni, a woman whose journey is a testament to resilience and strength in the face of adversity. At a young age her marriage came to an end which left her to shoulder the responsibilities of raising two children on her own. Despite the challenges she faced as a single mother, Mira refused to be defined by her circumstances. Instead, she embraced her role with unwavering determination, turning every obstacle into an opportunity for growth.

Faced struggle in marriage

Mira’s story of strength started during tough times. She got married at the age of 20 but had to go through a lot of problems as her husband’s business started to struggle and alcoholism followed. Despite these hurdles, Mira wanted a better life for herself and her two children. (Also Read: The 127-Year-Old Godrej Empire Split: How It Was Resolved Amicably)

So, she made a brave choice to leave her husband and move in with her parents. But, unfortunately tragedy hit her life again and she lost both her parents by the time she was just 28 years old. After this she had to take care of her kids all on her own. Mira stayed strong and kept moving forward, determined to create a brighter future for herself and her family. (Also Read: Google Layoffs: Workers Lodge Complaint Alleging Unfair Firing Of Employees)

Discovered interest in making candles

When Mira turned 45 and her daughter was grown up and married, she discovered a new interest in making candles and handmade soaps. This hobby gave her a sense of peace and meaning. It also inspired her to venture into her entrepreneurial journey. So, in the year 2000 she took the first steps to create Forest Essentials.

Began business journey with just Rs 2 lakhs

Mira began her business journey with only Rs 2 lakhs and two employees. Starting in a small garage she turned the modest beginnings into a successful enterprise. She got inspired by Ayurveda and carefully sourced natural ingredients from the Tehri Garhwal region which gave her products the essence of nature’s gifts.

Company grew into a multi-crore business

With time the company grew into a multi-crore business and expanded its presence to 28 cities across India. In 2008, Forest Essentials partnered with Estee Lauder Companies marking a significant milestone that saw Estee Lauder acquiring a small stake in the business. The prestigious hotel chains like Hyatt, Taj, and many others are proudly associated with this iconic brand.

Most Powerful Women in Business for India

Mira’s remarkable accomplishments have earned her widespread recognition, including being named as “Most Powerful Women in Business for India” by fortune magazine for several years. She is also acknowledged as one of India’s wealthiest women with an net worth of Rs 1,290 crores as per the 2020 edition of Kotak Wealth Hurun.

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