Sensex Surges 21% Since Last Budget: A Look at the Stock Market Volatility | India Business News

MUMBAI: The volatility in the stock market continued on Wednesday as the sensex, after opening marginally lower, rallied through the session to end with a 612-point gain at 71,752 points. This came after an 802-point drop on Tuesday and a 1,241-point gain on Monday.
With the day’s 0.9% gain in the sensex, total gain in the index since the last Budget now equals a little over 20%.


The day’s rally added Rs 4.7 lakh crore to investors’ wealth with BSE‘s market cap now at Rs 386 lakh crore, an all-time high. Since the last Budget, Indian investors have accrued Rs 119 lakh crore worth of wealth from the rally in the stock market, translating to nearly $1.4 trillion at current dollar-rupee exchange rate.

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