Spectrum for mobile services will continue to be allocated through auction: Sources

NEW DELHI: Spectrum for mobile services will continue to be given through the auction process, sources said, amid various ligitations that are pending before Supreme Court seeking clarification on the spectrum matter.
As enacted in the Telecom Act, 2023, duly passed by the Parliament, the sources said only limited and narrowly defined cases are provided spectrum on an administrative basis.
The select cases are walkie-talkies for police organizations, radar for weather forecasting, radar and communication for ships, communication for space and satellite applications, communication and radar for the Army, Air Force, and Navy, and PSU like BSNL.
Of the total spectrum allocations, these select cases amount to minuscule, the sources asserted.
“The matter in the Supreme Court is basically a Misc Application for clarification on the above point considering the multiple litigations. It was filed in the Supreme Court following the due process before introducing the Telecom Bill in the parliament,” one of the sources said.
They added that the Application doesn’t ask for changing the Supreme Court judgement.

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