Spicejet: Rescheduling and delays of SpiceJet flights a concern for flyers

A SpiceJet flight from Delhi to Pune (SG185) was delayed by over 7 hours frustrating many passengers on Wednesday.
The flight, which was supposed to take off at 9:20am was rescheduled by the airline three times and the boarding finally started at around 5:40pm. “They first rescheduled it to 2:50pm and then to 5:15pm. Then it was further delayed until 6pm. All my official plans have got jeopardised now due to the same and now I have to stay in Pune for an additional day,” Rakesh Kumar, a flyer said.
Many SpiceJet flights across sectors have been recording long delays. The airline has been facing issues due to many of its aircrafts grounded.
On May 22, a flight from Pune to Goa, which was scheduled to take off at 12:30pm, took off only after 7pm. Rahul Priyamvad, a frequent flyer said, “I have travelled on this flight 4 times in the last 3 weeks and each time it got rescheduled by long hours,” he said.
Not just domestic but the airline’s international flights too are getting affected. Passengers said that the flights beteeen Pune to Dubai and vice versa were facing delays and rescheduling almost each day now.
Recently the airline said that by June they intended to bring back 25 of its grounded aircrafts by June 15. Later the airline said that by June 15, four of these aircrafts will be coming. The airline also announced two international UDAN flights and some domestic flights as well.
An airline spokesperson was sent a message asking for a comment but an answer was awaited.

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