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Indian Railways is working toward the advancement of the rail network. As a part of this development, the Indian transporter has deployed the indigenously built Vande Bharat trains on various routes in India. Furthermore, the extension of the advanced train network has received an adequate response from commuters. Following the success of the advanced semi-high-speed train, railways now have plans to launch the Vande Metro in India. As per Railway Minister Ashwini Vaishnaw, the Vande Metro will be launched in India by December 2023.

The government also plans to increase train production in 2024-2025. The new train rakes will be aimed at providing comfortable and affordable commutes to job seekers and students. But what are the qualities of the train that will enable it to achieve its goal, and how is it different from Vande Bharat Express trains? We find out here.

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Vande Metro: Features

The Vande Metro is expected to be faster compared to the Vande Bharat Express trains. The train will offer a rapid shuttle-like experience to the passengers. Furthermore, the train will be comparatively smaller in size, with around 8 coaches. This is a big departure from Vande Bharat Express, which usually has 16 coaches.

Vande Metro: Route

The Vande Metro will be operated between cities with short distances between them, unlike the Vande Bharat Express trains that usually run between cities with large distances. Most of the Vande Bharat Trains currently operational in India cover a distance of around 500 km during their journey.

The Railway Minister earlier revealed that these trains will be operated between cities that are around 100 km apart. As per the latest update, the Vande Metro will be first deployed in Mumbai. The trains will be used as a part of Mumbai’s local train network. Furthermore, the Railway board has already approved the procurement of 238 trains for the upgrade of the local network.

Vande Metro: Frequency

Unlike the Vande Bharat Express, the Vande Metro will have a very high frequency. As per Railway Minister Ashwini Vaishnaw, the train will run 4 to 5 times a day. Furthermore, travelling using these train is expected to be affordable for daily commuters.

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