Women Investors: Share of women investors in mutual funds rises to 21% in December | Mumbai News

MUMBAI: The share of women investors in mutual funds has increased from 15% in March 2017 to nearly 21% in Dec 2023, according the latest data of Amfi (Association of Mutual Funds).
The overall asset under management in mutual funds crossed the Rs 50 lakh crore-mark in Feb this year as a large number of passive investors are flocking to mutual funds to save and earn more. The Amfi data showed the share of women investors in mutual funds increased from 15% in March 2017 to nearly 21% in Dec 2023.
This pace of growth was more prominent in the hinterland versus the urban centres during the period.
The share of women folios and assets in B-30 cities has increased from 15% to 18% and from 17% to 28%, respectively, the data showed.
The report, prepared by Crisil for Amfi and released by Sebi chairperson Madhabi Puri Buch, further said that almost 50% of women investors fall in the 25-44 age group as against around 45% for overall set of individual investors.
Goa boasts the highest share of women in the mutual fund industry at 40%, followed by northeastern states with high 30s percentages. Chandigarh, Maharashtra, and New Delhi also have over 30% share of women in assets under management.
Most female MF investors continue to invest through the regular plan route and stay invested for longer when investing through a mutual fund distributor.
The number of women MF distributors has also increased and was near the 42,000-mark as of Dec 2023 with their total AUM (assets under management) of over Rs 1 lakh crore.
Releasing the report, Buch said women can lead and champion the right investment causes by leveraging their perspectives, advocating for inclusive decision-making processes, and fostering environments where diverse voices are heard and valued.

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